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AkkA Advertising is an independent advertising agency in Sharjah – United Arab Emirates. We care about giving quality creative work and superior services to our clients. We create fantastic advertising campaigns that encompass a wide variety of services that reach across print and digital channels.

Ultimately we believe that it takes honesty, experience and competency to make an agency a worthwhile partner in a modern business environment. We are here to reduce your outgoings, improve results and relieve pressure. In short, we solve problems.

Creativity in Design and Planning

Innovation isn't restricted to creative work. Design speaks for itself in terms of creativity, but creativity should span account management too. Taking a bespoke approach to any requirement, you will always receive well-founded advice and informed recommendations from us. When it comes to supporting your day to day work, if we have ideas on making processes faster or easier, you'll hear about them.

Genuine Passion for Service

When we win new business, it stays with the person who brought it on board. There is a reason for this; we believe that working hard for something generates passion and enthusiasm which you just don't get from being given something for nothing. It means that throughout the initial consultation process your prospective account manager is learning about all of your requirements, finding out about what you like and don't like, most importantly, you get a feel for how it will be to work alongside each other. We feel that this method of working has helped us all to build great relationships and establish a solid understanding of our clients.

Speed of Delivery and Quality of Work.

The two key parts of the company at AKKA are under the same roof. Client Services and Creative departments are right by one another for ease of communication and practicality. For a start, we want to know that everything we work on is unique and unmistakably a product of our own imagination. We often hear how frustrating it can be working with a slow agency, so we are adamant that is never going to be us. With designers and account managers all working in one space, it's easy for us to get an urgent design job picked up within minutes, get together for an exchange of ideas without warning or sit together at a studio desk to go through a complex brief, face to face with an experienced designer. All of these elements combined makes our turnaround extremely fast and results in work of an excellent quality.

Experience and Knowledge

Each member of our team possesses solid business credentials; they've either worked here for years and know the business inside out, or come from advertising, marketing or Advertising backgrounds allowing them to bring a combination of solid commercial acumen and independent perspective to the team. We take pride in our professional approach, friendly demeanor and determination to deliver an outstanding service.

Try Us

We can only prove our claims to be true with an opportunity to create some designs, proposals or quotes for you. We aren't insistent on contracts when it comes to "business retention" so you won't find yourself in a formal agreement unless that's how you like to work. We prefer to remain as flexible as we can, allowing our client relationships to evolve naturally with the minimum amount of restrictions in place.

We can easily develop a bespoke trial solution with minimal disruption and no obligation in order for you to see how you like the AKKA way of working.

Our Services

Strategically mapped experiences and pointly crafted advertising added to fit your company's aspirations...

To ensure to reach your customers, we believe that different fields of expertise, such as web, mobile, online marketing, social media and campaigns don't stand alone. It should all complement each other.

Graphics Design


Graphics & Logo Design, Branding, Business Cards & Stationery Brochures, Design & Printing, Corporate Brochures, Radio/TV Commercials


Offset & Digital Printing


We offer a full and creative service, listening and executing the clients vision and impleimenting our skill set.


Promotional Gift Items

Gift Items

Promostional Gift Items.


Event Management

Event Management

Event Management







Gift Items

Official and School Uniforms & Labour Uniforms.


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